Council started their meeting with Mayor Katy Errington reading a proclamation for Industry Appreciation Day.  She then welcomed the Honorable State Representative Adam Botana.  He introduced himself to Council stating he is a resident of Bonita Springs.  He believes communications is key to making things happen and wants residents to know he is there for them.

District 76 State Representative Adam Botana and Mayor Katy Errington

Action Items

Fifth Third Bank

Council previously had voted to take jurisdiction of the development order for Fifth Third Bank at Miromar Outlets based on the proposed building architecture.  Since that time, the project architect has coordinated with staff to provide additional architectural refinements which included replacing the metal canopy above the front door with stucco band detail, adding decorative corbels above the columns, extending the stone cladding on the tower and providing a metal decorative screen to break up the blank wall, among other improvements.

Council voted to approve the development order for Fifth Third Bank with the modifications shown in the proposed new plan.

Broadway Avenue West bus stop improvements

Village Staff received requests from residents along Broadway West for benches at existing Lee County School District bus stop locations. The proposed project includes installing benches at four locations: Pine Tree Lane, Sherrill Lane, Leuttich Lane, and Poinciana Avenue.

Council approved Pavement Management, LLC to install the benches at a lowest bid cost of  $60,008.22, with a contingency fund of $6,000.  $30,000 of those costs will be reimbursed through the Federal Community Development Block Grant Program.  The benches will be identical to those on Estero Parkway.  Summary sheet.

River Ranch Road improvements design & permitting

Council approved a contract with CW3 Engineering to provide River Ranch Road improvements design and permitting services for a contract amount not to exceed $552,245, along with a contingency fund amount of $55,200.

Drainage, pedestrian, roadway and intersection improvements are required along River Ranch Road to improve safety and traffic flow.  Estero High School is located on this road and currently there is only a partial sidewalk on one side of the road, and the road has flooded in the past.

Council previously approved concepts for the roadway, pedestrian, and drainage improvements.  The next phase is to refine the approved concepts, prepare construction plans/specifications, and obtain the required construction permits. Once this is completed, the project will be ready for construction.  Concept exhibits.

River Ranch Road improvements project management

Council voted to hire Highspans Engineering (HighSpans) to provide project management services for the design and permitting of the River Ranch Road improvements project.  The not-to-exceed contract amount is $52,548, with a  contingency fund amount of $5,300.

With HighSpans providing project management services, this allows Public Works staff to focus on other projects.  Summary sheet.

Williams Road bike-pedestrian improvements project manager