Are you aware of someone or groups of people who are not abiding by the suggested rules of self-quarantining or social distancing who could be putting others at risk?

The Florida Department of Health has set up a hotline so that residents may call in to report a person or persons who are continuing to gather in groups, possibly exposing others to the Coronavirus.

The phone number is 239-332-9580. The Florida Department of Health with then follow-up on these reported incidents.

According to the Florida Department of Health, less than 30 percent of the cases of Coronavirus in Lee County are travel-related which means the majority of the cases are due to community spread.  We all must take steps to reduce human contact to slow the spread of this disease by sheltering in place at home.

For those needing to get out of the house, the Lee County parks and Conservation 2020 lands are still open for residents to visit while practicing social distancing.