Genova, Heartland Dental & Lee Health were among the applications presented at the Design Review Board meeting on September 27, 2017

///Genova, Heartland Dental & Lee Health were among the applications presented at the Design Review Board meeting on September 27, 2017

Public Information Meeting – Marsh Landing

Representatives for Marsh Landing are proposing to extend the community’s sidewalk, curbing and lighting from their clubhouse to the existing sidewalk that connects to Autumn Leaves Memory Care.  This proposed six-foot sidewalk would make it possible for Marsh Landing residents to walk or bike to some of the commercial properties and restaurants in Coconut Trace.

Marsh Landing is located west of US 41 between Williams Road and Coconut Road. (Presentation)

Public Information Meeting – Estero Dialysis at Corkscrew Palms

Estero Dialysis at Corkscrew Palms is proposing to develop a 6,592 square foot medical office building within the mostly developed Corkscrew Palms Commercial Planned Development.

The proposed building will be a four sided/façade building with a porte cochere and bump-outs on the other sides of the building.  The building will feature varying roof lines, columns, contrasting base, awnings and be painted in neutral earth tones.

The dialysis center will be a chronic clinic, with a home training center.  It is to be located at 9431 Corkscrew Palms Circle, south of Corkscrew Road, east of Corkscrew Palms Circle and approximately 300 feet east of the Estero Village Hall. (Presentation)

The Board recommended that the applicant meet with the association as the proposed building is missing some of the elements of the other buildings, add some roof accents, add a bench to the grassy area and consider placement for a back-up generator.

Public Information Meeting – Lee Health Village at Coconut Point

Representatives for Lee Health Village at Coconut Point were requesting review of their signage plan.

They are planning to have three large decorative monument signs on the perimeter roads with smaller signs on-site using the same colors and building elements for a continuous look throughout.

This property is located at 23410/450 Via Coconut Point, east of US 41, and southwest of the intersection of Coconut Road and Via Coconut Point. (Presentation)

No decisions are made during Public Information Meetings.

Public Hearing – Genova

Genova, currently under construction at the southeast corner of Corkscrew Road and Via Coconut Point, was requesting architectural modifications to the towers, chimneys and windows in their buildings, and giving notice to add two units to Buildings E and F under their approved zoning.

Jim Wallace stated that his consultant pointed out that 8 windows should be removed from the original plan as they are in the interior hallways, are facing blank walls and reducing energy efficiency.  He explained the majority of changes he’s requesting are internal to the community.

Staff recommended a continuance on this application due to the fact that the Genova Pattern Book was adopted as part of the zoning ordinance and the applicant is asking for deviations from the Pattern Book.  Staff wants the Village Land Use Attorney to make a determination on this process.  The Board voted to follow the staff’s recommendation for a continuance of this hearing to a future date.

Public Hearing – Heartland Dental

Representatives for Heartland Dental, a 5,520 square foot multi-tenant (medical/dental and retail) building, were requesting approval for their development order.

This building will be located in the Grande Oaks Shoppes north of Corkscrew Road and east of Ben Hill Griffin Parkway.

The applicant stated they have added perimeter sidewalks, embellished an outdoor public area, added contrasting elements and stone texture at the tower base at both entrances.  They have received approval of the building design from Publix and the association.

The Board noted a number of concerns regarding the building’s architecture and the internal landscape plan.  The applicant asked for a continuance to the October 11 meeting; the Board voted to approve the continuance.

Additional details are available in the minutes of this meeting.  Residents may also view the archived meeting by going to the Village website

The next meeting will be at 5:30 p.m., Wednesday, October 11, 2017.