The Village of Estero is closely monitoring Hurricane Dorian as it progresses toward Florida, along with our partners in Lee County and the Estero and San Carlos Park Fire teams. No evacuations are required at this time.

What We Know:

  • Hurricane Dorian will impact the eastern coast of Florida early next week (likely Monday).

What We Don’t Know:

  • It is unclear what the impact will be on Estero, at this time. Moderate to heavy rainfall is expected.
  • The storm timeframe is unclear, at this time. Impacts will likely be felt beginning Sunday night, through the middle of next week.

What We Have Done:

  • All major Village stormwater systems and ditches have been cleared, including the ditch along the railroad.
  • Generators are on standby, should sanitary sewer pump stations lose power.
  • The Village of Estero and Lee County have both issued Local States of Emergency, availing each of resources, if needed.

What You Can Do:

  • Prepare for the possibility of substantial rainfall, though the impact is expected to be less than that of Hurricane Irma (that storm was of comparable strength and went directly over Estero).
  • Follow news alerts from the Village of Estero and Lee County or call 211.

The Village of Estero will provide updates, via our traditional and social media accounts, twice daily during the storm event. We stand ready to assist our community, if needed.