Hurricane SeasonAs we head into the peak season for hurricanes, everyone should review their hurricane preparation plans.

Experts from Colorado State University — regarded as the nation’s top seasonal hurricane forecasters — have lowered the number of storms predicted this year, however, they caution it only takes one storm to make it a disastrous season.

There are a number of things you may do to prepare as this peak season starts.

The Village website has a webpage which includes all the information you should need to help you prepare your family and pet plan including an emergency supply list, emergency shelters and evacuation information at

There also is an explanation of what to expect when it rains as well as everything you need to know about flood protection on the Village website at

Emergency AlertsThe Village of Estero wants to be able to contact all residents with critical information before, during and after storms or regarding other severe emergency situations.

In order to do this, the Village has added a new emergency alerts system sign-up page to its website.

By registering on this alerts system, you will be contacted with emergency information only. 

During last year’s two major storm events, subscribers to the Village website were continuously updated with articles relating to flooding issues, evacuation, hurricane curfews, health risks of generator usage, and debris clean-up.

This new emergency alerts system is designed to enhance the Village’s method of reaching even more residents during emergency situations.

Providing your name, address, email and phone numbers will allow alternate means for staff to contact you during an emergency.  In addition, there could be a situation affecting a specific neighborhood where the Village would want to provide information limited to that neighborhood, which is why it’s important to have residents’ addresses.

Your contact information will only be used for emergency communications from the Village of Estero or Lee County Emergency Operations.  It will not be shared or used for any purpose other than emergency communications.

Website subscribers will continue to receive all Village and community updates but they also need to register on the emergency alerts system here: