Public Comment:  Three Estero Council of Community Leaders’ (ECCL) board member/officers spoke about the newly released “Forging a Better Path” book written by Allan Bowditch which is a summary of the ECCL’s accomplishments as well as what their role is in the future, serving as a conduit between residents and government.  You may go to their website to learn more about the ECCL.

Gulfshore Opera

The meeting started with a short presentation by Steffanie Pierce, General Director, Gulfshore Opera.  She described the regional opera company which serves Collier, Lee and Charlotte Counties.  They have moved their headquarters into the Village of Estero and have a number of events planned locally and in the region in the coming months.  They provide formal productions, community concerts and social events as well as youth and professional development programs. Pierce shared a video highlighting some of their previous events.

Action Items

Lobbying services

Council approved contracts with Ronald L. Book, P.A. ($35,000) and JEJ & Associates, Inc. ($36,000) to provide professional state legislative and executive branch lobbying services for a one-year period.  They also granted Village Manger Steve Sarkozy the authority to renegotiate and renew these contracts for three additional one-year terms under the same conditions as doing so is in the best interest of the Village.  Here is the summary sheet.


Disposal of surplus computers

Council authorized staff to dispose of, or donate, the inoperable computers that remain in the Village’s possession.  In the summer of 2020, the Village replaced the computers used by Council and staff as these machines were 5-plus years old at the time. Their continued use has been determined to be obsolete and recommended for surplus.  The Village partnered with its IT provider, Calvin, Giordano & Associates, to have the machine’s hard drives removed, wiped, and destroyed.  Here is the summary sheet.

utility expansion

Utility expansion design and permitting

Council approved a contract with Tetra Tech to provide design and permitting services for the first three utility expansion projects. The projects include Estero Bay Village, Sunny Groves, and Cypress Bend.  The services to be provided include: surveying, utility construction plans, treatment plant decommissioning, permitting, bidding assistance and construction inspections.  The not-to-exceed contract is for $371,013, with a contingency fund amount of $38,000.  Here is the summary sheet.

voeVillage monument sign construction plans & permitting contract

Council approved a contract  with DRMP, Inc. for the construction plan and permitting for two Village of Estero monument signs.  The not-to-exceed contract is for $59,960, with a contingency amount of $6,000. The first two signs will be placed at Estero’s southern boundaries, with one at US 41 and the other at Three Oaks Parkway. Included in Council’s motion to approve this contract was the addition of two monument signs, one at the northern boundary of US 41 and one at the northern boundary of Three Oaks Parkway, with the addition to the budget to be determined.  Here is the summary sheet.

Estero PreK-8 shared use design & permitting contract

school property