Public Hearing

Shoppes at University Highlands, Bldg. 5

Shoppes at University Highlands

The Board conducted a public hearing for the Shoppes at University Highlands which were requesting a development order for their Building 5, located on the west side of Ben Hill Griffin Parkway.

Building 5 is a proposed, one-story 7300-sq. ft. commercial building. This is the fifth and last building to be built on this property and will mimic Building 2.  It is bounded by the Longitude apartments to the north, Shoppes at University Highlands to the south; Grandezza residential on the east side of Ben Hill Griffin Parkway; and the Springs apartments to the west.

The developer has added three pedestrian benches along the walkway, as well as four additional pedestrian benches adjacent to the Lee Health building, on this entire site.

The Board voted to approve this application with the colors presented, as well as with the addition of awnings as described.

Oak & Stone Restaurant – Estero Crossing commercial area

Oak and Stone Restaurant

The Board conducted a public hearing for a development order for the Estero Crossing commercial area, specifically the proposed Oak & Stone Restaurant and wall signs.  The restaurant will be located on a 5-acre parcel located at the northeast portion of Estero Crossing.  The site is located at 10500 Corkscrew Road, on the south side of Corkscrew Road and east side of Lowe’s Plaza.

They have added dry retention ponds to the back and north of the building along with ornamental grasses, trees and landscape to improve the look of the ponds. They’ve added landscape to the back of the building and also added some native species to their overall landscape design.

They have added tower elements on the east and northeast of the building to hide the kitchen service area and added texture and an architectural element to the back facade of the building.

There will be an outdoor patio on the south side of the restaurant and an outdoor gathering area alongside Corkscrew Road.  Plans call for the restaurant, which features craft beer and artisan pizza, to be open for lunch and dinner.

A traffic light at the intersection of Estero Town Commons and Corkscrew Road (the Lowe’s entry) is underway.  Estero Crossing has made their fair share contribution toward the cost of the traffic signal cost.

The Board approved this application subject to the applicant working with staff to find a warmer color for the roof tile.

Public Information Meeting

Downtown Estero

The applicant is requesting a development order for the infrastructure, two mixed-use buildings and a residential building with amenity space on a 34-acre site located off of Broadway Ave. E.  The infrastructure includes the internal road with connections to US 41 and Broadway Ave.

The mixed-use development property is entitled to 310 dwelling units, 200,000 sq. ft. of commercial, 125 hotel rooms in the future.

The residential portion would be primarily on the eastern portion of the property with the commercial and mixed use on the western portion of the property.  The three initial buildings will be a combination of some retail with 300 apartment units.  The architecture will be Mediterranean Revival.

The developer will provide a public park, the new street connection, streetscape and sidewalks from Broadway to US41.  There will be an amenity center with pool, a walking trail around the lake and a dog park.  Here’s the presentation.

Public Comment: 1 resident spoke in favor of the applicant using Old Florida architecture rather than Mediterranean Revival; 1 resident spoke about his concerns regarding buffering for the neighboring community.

No voting occurs during public information meetings.

Arby’s – Mosaic Red Hat Group LLC

The applicant is proposing to upgrade the kitchen and to remodel the interior and exterior of their existing building with improvements to the façade.   Arby’s is located at 9975 Corkscrew Road.  The Board suggested the original design was favorable to the new one.  Here’s their presentation.

No voting occurs during public information meetings.

Residents may view the archived meeting by going to the Village website

The next Planning Zoning & Design Board meeting will be held at 4:30 p.m., December 14, 2021.