Representatives for Sprouts Farmers Market at Estero Grande presented their plans for a 29,000 sq. ft. grocery store, associated parking, infrastructure and monument sign before the Design Review Board on March 13.

The applicants stated they have made a number of changes to the building’s architectural design following February’s Public Information Meeting.  They have added a more Spanish mission style look to the corners of the building similar to adjacent stores, lightened the color of the building and changed the stone color as well to provide a more Mediterranean look.  In addition, they are working to add faux windows to the side of the building to break up the blank walls.

The Board stated the applicant has made a lot of progress with the proposed changes but the design still needs work regarding the horizontal banding, the public spaces should be enhanced and they should look into the possibility of moving the building up to 20 feet further back on the site.

Public Comment: Gary Green, Breckenridge, made a comment regarding the traffic through the back gate.