Public Hearing – Via Coconut

The Board started their meeting with a public hearing for the right-of-way vacation and proposed conditions for approval for Via Coconut which is located south of Corkscrew Road and west of Via Coconut Road.

They are proposing 330 multi-family dwelling units, 29,600 square feet of commercial use and a 10,000 square foot church.  Their plans include three U shaped three- and four-story residential buildings, each with 102 units; a commercial mixed-use area with two three-story buildings and two single story buildings and a one-acre civic/park  dedicated to the Village.  They are proposing to paint the buildings in contrasting colors in shades of beige, linen, taupe and aesthetic white, with white cornices and dark bronze on all metal features.

This case was heard by the Planning, Zoning and Design Board on August 24, 2021, and was continued to review revised conditions of approval. The proposed conditions are available here.

The Board voted to recommend Council approve the rezoning with the revised conditions and revised pattern book, and approve the right-of-way vacation.

Public information meeting – school property on Three Oaks Parkway

Representatives for the School District of Lee County described their plans for the construction of a Pre k-8 school, gym and central energy facility along with infrastructure, neighborhood screening, and signalizing the proposed intersection.

The property is a 68.5-acre undeveloped parcel, located south of Copper Oaks, southeast of the Post Office and bounded by Three Oaks Parkway on the west and I-75 on the east.

The School District’s plans call for the Pre k-8 school to open in August 2023 and operate from 9 a.m. – 3:55 p.m., in an effort to avoid peak traffic times.  Upon its opening, the school will start with 1,800 students growing to 2,350 students in the future.  They anticipate using up to 35 school buses to transport the children with all of the vehicle stacking being on-site.

The landscape plan includes a buffer along the north side of the property line against the residential community, and a 6-foot barbed wire fence and existing landscape along I-75.  They will have a signalized intersection across from Country Creek with crosswalks in all directions, along with dedicated turn lanes.  The property has 12 acres of water management ponds and large open spaces.  They are working with the Village on an interlocal agreement to open the track, soccer field, basketball courts and gym to the public after school hours and on weekends. Here’s their presentationThey also presented a video animation.

No voting occurs during public information meetings.

Public Hearing – Extra Space Storage

Representatives for Extra Space Storage at Coconut Point were requesting to repaint their existing building in the colors of white, grey, yellow, dark orange and green.

Following Board discussion, the applicant stated they would agree to repaint the building in the original colors.

Extra Space Storage is located south of Pelican Colony Blvd. and east of US41.

Residents may view the archived meeting by going to the Village website.

The next Planning & Zoning Board meeting is scheduled for 4:30 p.m., September 28, 2021.