Metropolitan Planning OrganizationThe Lee County Metropolitan Planning Organization provides direction in planning future transportation improvements and projects in the county.

The Bicycle Pedestrian Coordinating Committee (BPCC) includes citizens and local and state agencies’ staff responsible for bicycle and pedestrian planning for their respective agencies.

The BPCC coordinates bicycle/pedestrian planning activities among these agencies and reviews funding for bicyclists and pedestrians in state and federal aid transportation projects.

It also advises the MPO board about development of the bicycle/pedestrian element of its transportation plan and makes recommendations regarding funding for bicyclist/pedestrian projects in FDOT’s five-year work program.

Residents interested in volunteering to serve with this important group may fill out an application here or contact Village Clerk/Executive Assistant Carol Sacco, 239-319-2840 or

*This replaces the BikeWalkLee committee volunteer application.