Womens History Month

Front row left to right: Mark Blust, Mayor Bill Ribble, Meg Geltner, Margo Brewster and Jennifer Nelson.  Back row: Councilmembers Howard Levitan, Jon McLain, Vice-Mayor Katy Errington, Councilmembers Jim Boesch and Nick Batos.

Council started their meeting by acknowledging that March is Women’s History Month and designating the month of March 2020 be set aside as Believing in Girls Month. Mayor Bill Ribble presented a proclamation to members of the The PACE Center for Girls which provides girls and young women an opportunity for a better future through education, counseling, training and advocacy.  (Proclamation

Boesch proclamation

Front left to right: Douglas Boesch, Mayor Bill Ribble, Councilmember Jim Boesch and Diane Boesch. Back row: Councilmembers Howard Levitan, Jon McLain, Vice-Mayor Katy Errington and Councilmember Nick Batos.

Mayor Bill Ribble presented a proclamation to Councilmember Jim Boesch recognizing his efforts to ensure the success of the Estero Forever Foundation and its mission “to mobilize financial resources for the fulfillment of our vision by encouraging and facilitating generosity.” (Proclamation)

Public Comment

Three residents spoke.  One thanked Vice Mayor Katy Errington and David Willems for taking part in the recent Estero River workshop; one expressed concerns regarding safety issues associated with 5G and above wireless technology; and one expressed concerns regarding proposed toll roads and future widening of Three Oaks Parkway.

Action Items

Corkscrew Road Enhancements

Council  authorized Village Manager Steve Sarkozy and Public Works Director David Willems to meet with Lee County to resolve a suitable design alternative to include landscaping, lighting and off-road pathways similar to those being installed on Estero Parkway.

Resolution No. 2020-01 – Stormwater Master Plan

stormwater managementThe Stormwater Master Plan provides extensive analysis of regional and local stormwater management to improve the overall understanding of how Estero’s stormwater management system functions and how outside areas influence Estero. Council approved this formal  adoption of this plan which will help improve the Village’s FEMA flood insurance rating.  (Resolution)

Lien Mitigation Request – Racetrac Petroleum, Inc.

Council approved the lien mitigation request from Racetrac, releasing any outstanding liens against the property in exchange for payment of a reduced fine of $15,000 and $331.50 for administrative costs.

Disposal of items at Happehatchee Center

Happehatchee CenterThe Village’s recent acquisition of the Happehatchee Center property included an assortment of miscellaneous items including a lawnmower, hand tools, potted plants, and other equipment used for the upkeep of the facility and gardening that were left behind by the previous owners.

Council authorized the disposal of these miscellaneous items and equipment by hiring a company that specializes in junk removal and disposal.

The 4 ½ acre Happehatchee property will be sustained for environmental preservation and environmental education purpos