Estero Crossing

Council conducted a second reading and public hearing for Ordinance 2019-29 pertaining to Estero Crossing.

The applicant was requesting a rezoning from Commercial Planned Development to Mixed Use Planned Development for a 43-acre site on Corkscrew Road adjacent to the Estero Town Center (Lowe’s) plaza.

The applicant has made several changes to the application, site plan and Pattern Book to address Council concerns expressed at the first reading of the zoning request on October 16, 2019. The main changes are:

– Reduction of density from 350 units (original application requested 450) to 306 units.

– Bonus Density request eliminated. Density reduced from 10 units plus bonus density to 9 units per acre.

– Height of buildings reduced to 3 stories (45 feet, with an additional 5 feet for architectural elements).

– Removed Hotel use from the project.

– Added a mixed use building instead of hotel site (commercial on first floor with residences above).

– Increased landscape buffer height of trees and shrubs on Corkscrew Road to shield view of cars in parking area.

– Pattern Book has been revised with a Mediterranean color scheme and other updates.

– Elevators will be installed in all residential buildings (not required by Building Code).

– Placemaking (or public space) elements will all be provided prior to receiving the first Certificate of Occupancy.

The applicant explained the property is currently zoned for a big box store with 9,000 car trips allowed per day, more than double than is being proposed with this community.

The three-story, multi-family units will be located in the back of the community with the commercial in the front along Corkscrew Road.  The commercial uses are expected to be neighborhood uses such as breakfast shops, coffee shops, fitness center, dental offices, pizza shops, etc.

The property will include a pocket park, a plaza between the commercial buildings, a paved courtyard with bench seating and a two-lane reverse frontage road with parallel parking along a portion of the road.  (Pattern Book)

Public Comment: 22 members of the community spoke about their concerns regarding this proposed development including safety and congestion issues concerning  the two-lane reverse frontage road.

Council voted to adopt Ordinance No. 2019-29, with changes provided by the Village Land Use Attorney, approving this rezoning request.

Residents may view the archived meeting by going to the Village website

The next Council meeting will be held at 9:30 a.m., Wednesday, February 5, 2020.