Public Comment on non-agenda items: Nolen Rollins stated tickets are still available for the Estero Forever Foundation’s inaugural event with Billy Dean & Dawn at Grandezza on February 20 at  To date, there has been $78,000 in commitments made to the Foundation.  Ed Weil stated that Estero High School, along with three other high schools, has the largest number of athletic teams in Lee County.  He reminded everyone that the girls soccer team semifinal game is 7 p.m. today; the team is ranked 36th in the state.  Jack Meeker asked Council to consider helping preserve the Conservation 2020 Edison Farms/Larry Kiker Preserve by annexing it into Estero.

Action Items

Amendment Two to Contract No. EC 2017-28

Road Signage

The Village previously executed contracts with Agnoli, Barber & Brundage, Inc. for Estero Parkway design and permitting services. With the final approval of the construction contract, the project team was able to work with the contractor to finalize the project schedule which allowed Village Staff and the project engineer to finalize their contract to provide construction services.  (Summary Sheet)

Council approved this amendment increasing the total contract by $96,900 from $792,724 not to exceed $853,624.

Lien Mitigation Request

This lien mitigation request refers to property owners at 20031 Seagrove Street #1408 in Grandezza.  The owner was cited on January 26, 2018 for an expired permit relating to the installation of a new Central Air Unit.  The property was brought into compliance on December 17, 2019.

Council approved a reduction in the lien mitigation request releasing any outstanding liens against the property with no fine, but $201.20 for administrative costs as recommended by the Village Attorney.

Council Communication:  Jon McLain asked staff to place signage along Estero Parkway regarding the construction that is going on; when the traffic is closed to one lane, people are speeding once they get past the construction.  Vice-Mayor Katy Errington stated that the lilies in the US41 landscaping look bad; Public Works Director David Willems stated the contractor is responsible for maintaining and replacing the landscaping for two years following completion of the project.  Mayor Bill Ribble stated that he had been informed by Village Attorney Burt Saunders that the $2.2 million request for the Estero River park improvements is not on the state legislator’s docket.  Village Manager Steve Sarkozy stated the Happehatchee Center on Corkscrew Road has been deeded over to the Village so it has been totally assimilated into the Village’s Estero River property.  The Village will be clearing the property, making improvements and removing the dilapidated homes.

Workshop Items

Williams Road West of US41 Update

williams rdPublic Works Director David Willems and representatives of the Village consultant AIM Engineering provided an update on the preliminary design options for projects to improve traffic flow and safety on Williams Road west of US41.  They addressed some of the existing challenges which include the Walgreens exit  and Atlantic Gulf Drive being located too close to US41, issues with South Florida Water Management permitting, among others. (Presentation)

Public Comment: Two Estero residents spoke of concerns regarding the safety of both pedestrians and bicyclists and adding lighting along this road.

Budget and Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Introduction