The Village of Estero and Lee County School’s leadership signed a Memorandum of Understanding committing to assure that our students are well-prepared to enter the workforce, and to encourage the “best and brightest” to keep their talents in Southwest Florida.

The Ambassador Program allows Estero volunteers to use their talents and experiences in the schools benefiting our students. The opportunities are as varied as the volunteer, but can include tutors, mentors, classroom assistance, clerical and much more. The program will respect the schedules of the volunteers and accommodate the individual needs as making the assignments.


Karen Brown
Education Ambassador Coordinator

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General Information

District Volunteer Services promotes volunteerism and supports school- based volunteer coordinators with program information and technical assistance. Individual schools actively recruit parents, businesses, and interested citizens who wish to volunteer in their particular school.

Potential volunteers obtain volunteer applications from the school in which they seek to volunteer. Completed volunteer applications should be kept in a secure location. Volunteer applications are public information; however, they should be kept in a secure location .

It is the responsibility of each individual school to screen applicant and keep the volunteer application on file*. Each school is responsible for completing reference checks (optional) and the required Sexual Predator screening. The Screening must be completed and documented yearly for each volunteer. If a criminal background check is deemed important and the results prohibit the individual from volunteering, please contact the District Volunteer Coordinator.

The principal must approve all volunteer applicants before they assume volunteer duties.

School personnel have permission to duplicate any materials provided by District Volunteer Services.

Volunteers are covered under the District’s worker’s compensation insurance if they require medical treatment for an injury incurred in the course and scope of their volunteer employment. Volunteers who are placed through outside organizations such as Foster Grandparents are covered by that organization’s insurance.

Roles and Responsibilities

A school volunteer program acts as a vehicle to provide additional educational resources to students, teachers, and other staff members. When each participant works as a team member, the school volunteer program will run as smoothly as any professionally managed program. Each person involved with a school-level volunteer program performs an essential role. The suggested roles and responsibilities determine how each participant will be involved with the school-level volunteer program:

volunteer in class
  • Works as a team member with faculty and staff
  • Follows policies, rules, and regulations
  • Works closely with administrators, teachers, and the volunteer coordinator
  • Follows direction
  • Ask questions when needed for clarification
  • Is responsible, prompt, dependable, and maintains confidentiality
  • Has respect for students and others working with the program
  • Is willing to share ideas, talents, and skills
  • Is willing to serve as an appointed, non-paid employee
  • Recognizes that the teacher has primary instructional responsibilities