be kind presentation

Councilmembers Jim Wilson, Vice-Mayor Bill Ribble, Jon McLain, Howard Levitan, Mayor Jim Boesch, Katy Errington and Nick Batos joined with other Florida League of Mayors endorsing a “Be Kind” effort to counteract some of the negative messages that exist today.

Action Items

Estero on the River

Estero on the RiverFollowing a review of the remaining items related to the closing on this property, Council approved the motion to waive contingencies which had included a 99-year lease, which has been terminated, and continuing the right of the 5-acre parcel with the College of Life home on the property. This parcel has a life estate attached to it for the term of the life of Charles Dauray plus 120 days.  The College of Life will continue to pay taxes on this parcel until the property is turned over to the Village.

Resolution 2018-22 – loan commitment

Council adopted this resolution authorizing acceptance of a loan commitment from Capital Bank, a division of First Tennessee Bank, National Association to provide funding for the Estero on the River land purchase.  This includes a selected interest rate lock option at a better rate than originally quoted.  (Summary Sheet)

Council adopted this resolution with amended language.

Estero Parkway budget

Estero ParkwayTwo separate actions were provided for Council’s consideration to establish the project’s construction budget.

The first action includes the budget for the roadway and landscaping portion of the project which is $8,090,000.  The second action was for $1,200,000 for lighting the entire roadway.  (Summary Sheet)

Public Input: Four Estero Parkway HOA representatives spoke about the importance of lighting the parkway as it currently is extremely dark and presents safety issues.

Council voted to approve the project’s construction budget and to add lighting the roadway to this project.

Branding and roadway monument sign contract

Council approved the contract with Frazer Enterprises Inc. DBA Vitalink for the Village’s branding and roadway monument sign project.  This firm will provide professional services to develop a branding program with accompanying roadway monument signs. Cost of the contract is not to exceed $129,420 and is expected to be completed within 9-12 months from the signing of the contract. The contractor will conduct surveys and one-on-one interviews with Estero residents.  (Summary Sheet)

March 5, 2019 election

votingCouncil voted to not conduct early voting for the March election, saving $13,770, and  to provide voting by mail.  They also adopted Resolution 2018-21 requiring advance notice of election dates in accordance with the agreement between the Village and Lee County Supervisor of Elections.  The cost of the election services is $55,496.   (Summary Sheet)

Mine Report Peer Review

mine reportCouncil approved hiring a consultant to be selected by staff to conduct a peer review of the Mine Report by Stuart and Associates.

A peer review could provide additional information and an objective opinion of the various mine reports, but will likely not be considered by Lee County in the review of mine zoning cases.  Staff recommends that any scope of services include a review of the study, with a focus on differences between the study and the Waldrop analysis, their significance in terms of outcomes, and highlighting any larger issues or potential impacts.

Public Comment: 10 residents spoke in favor of conducting a peer review.

Staff estimates a consultant review could be done within 3-4 weeks at a cost of approximately $10,000-$15,000.

Resolution No. 2018-23 – Reinstate name of Don Eslick Bridge

Eslick sign

Lee County Commissioners presented Don and Suzie Eslick with Don Eslick Bridge sign 10/30/12

Council adopted this resolution respectfully requesting Lee County Board of County Commissioners to reconsider their vote on December 4, 2018, and reinstate the name of the Don Eslick Bridge in the Village of Estero. (Resolution)

Public Comment: Several residents spoke in favor of this resolution.

Village Mayor Jim Boesch will read this resolution at the Lee County Board of County Commissioners meeting at 9:30 a.m., Tuesday, December 18.  Estero residents are invited to attend this meeting.

Additional details will be available in the minutes of this meeting.  Residents may also view the archived meeting by going to the Village website

The next Council meeting will be conducted at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, January 9, 2019.