School facilities

SchoolThe Lee County School District has determined that a new elementary school and a new middle school are necessary in the Estero area due to the growing population. They are seeking Council’s consensus on the best location to place these schools, which they plan to have operational by 2023.

Two sites were under consideration: a 76-acre Three Oaks Parkway site which is owned by the School District and a 15-acre site adjacent to the Estero High School off of Williams Road and Via Coconut Point. If neither of these sites were to be selected, the school district would consider looking for a site out east on Corkscrew Road.

The Village staff recommended the Three Oaks Parkway site as it has the proper permits, is already owned by the School District, can be developed with a careful approach to limit the impact on many of the wetlands (most of which are already of poor quality), and preserves valuable space adjacent to our community park.

Chris Patricca, District 3 Board Member of the School District of Lee County, presented the school district’s position in favor of the Williams Road site but stated the district is willing to work with the Village on either site.

Public Comment:  Two residents made their comments made known through the eComment card.

After much discussion, Council came to an informal 4-3 consensus agreeing with staff that the Three Oaks Parkway site would be the best option.

Capital Improvement Program

cipPublic Works Director David Willems presented a number of possible projects for consideration for the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) for FY 2020-2021.

There are eight different categories of projects in the CIP plan: roadway projects, intersection improvements, bike/ped projects, landscaping, parks and recreation, stormwater projects, building facilities, and land acquisition.

The list of projects far exceeds the funds necessary for completion of all of the projects.  Presentation of this list was only the start of the selection process.

The list of possible CIP projects will be posted on our website and we will continue to accept public comments throughout the Budget process.

Public Comment: One resident made their comments known through the eComment card.

Given the current COVID-19 crisis and the probable impact on local revenues, the decisions on moving any CIP to the construction phase would be made only after careful review of the Village’s financial condition.  (Projects List)

Residents may view the archived meeting by going to the Village website