The meeting started with a proclamation marking the 70th anniversary of the League of Women Voters’ work to encourage informed and active participation in government. Clara Anne Graham, Louis Eason and Sandy Frank, all with the League of Women Voters, accepted the proclamation.  (Proclamation)


Councilmembers Nick Batos, Jon McLain, Howard Levitan, Mayor Bill Ribble, Clara Ann Graham, Louis Eason, Sandy Frank, Vice-Mayor Katy Errington and Councilmember Jim Boesch.


A Certificate of Recognition was presented to Chris Mueller in recognition of his contributions to the successful Veterans Day celebrations conducted in 2018 and 2019. These events brought the community together to honor all those who have served.  (Certificate)

Certificate of Recognition

Councilmember Howard Levitan, Pamela Mueller, Mayor Bill Ribble, Chris Mueller, Councilmember Jon McLain, Vice-Mayor Katy Errington, Councilmembers Nick Batos and Jim Boesch.


Action Items

Lien mitigation request – 3548 Cherry Blossom Court #201

Council approved the lien mitigation request releasing any outstanding liens against the property in exchange for payment of a reduced fine of $2,000 and $202.15 for administrative costs.  (Summary Sheet)

Lien mitigation request – 8401 Mockingbird Lane

Council approved postponing this mitigation request to a future date. (Summary Sheet)

Via Coconut Point landscape improvements

Via Coconut PointCouncil approved the ranking of consultants for Via Coconut Point landscape improvements, with Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc., being ranked No.1.  The $221,500 contract will provide for the planning, design and permitting services associated with the improvements on the 2.75 mile-long roadway.  The design and bid will come back to Council for approval. (Summary Sheet)

River Ranch Road improvements

River RanchCouncil approved the ranking of consultants for River Rand Road improvements with CW3 Engineering, Inc. being ranked No. 1 to provide professional consulting services for improvements to River Ranch Road.  The improvements include addition of turn lanes, addressing stormwater issues and landscaping. The amount of the contract will be determined by the results of contract negotiations, with the final contract and cost being brought back before Council for approval.  (Summary Sheet)

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