Public Comment

Barbara Saxton, Friends of River Oaks Preserve, stated the group is now comprised of 12 members. Volunteers from FGCU and the ROTC will be helping clear some of the invasives on the property and the group is planning a music festival in November. The Preserve is about 10 acres located at the eastern end of E. Broadway.

Action Items

Resolution No. 2018-18 – authorizing the purchase of 62.05 acres adjacent to the Estero River

Estero RiverCouncil moved to continue Resolution No. 2018-18 to October 24 to allow Council and the public to review the newest version of the purchase and sale agreement.

The 62 acres is located on the northeast corner of US 41 and Corkscrew Road and extends north to the Estero United Methodist Church and east to the railroad tracks.

$26,000,000 has been budgeted in 2018-2019, to include the $24,562,500 purchase price and an additional $1,437,500 in closing, debt issuance and design/development alternatives costs.  It is anticipated the closing will take place in early January.  (Resolution, Purchase & Sale Agreement)

Zoning Ordinance No. 2018-24 – Approving with conditions a zoning amendment with deviations to permit the proposed 135-room Miromar Outlet Hotel

Miromar Outlet HotelCouncil moved the first reading of this ordinance to a second reading.

The applicant is requesting a change in zoning to allow for a 5-story hotel at the northwest corner of Miromar Outlet. (Ordinance)

Ordinance No. 2018-25 – Retail Gas Pump Security Measures

Council moved to a second reading this ordinance pertaining to establishing security measure requirements for owners and operators of retail gas pumps.  (Ordinance)

Second Reading of Ordinances

Ordinance No. 2018-12 – 19 – Ordinances repealing inapplicable Lee County-only regulations

Council approved the second reading of Ordinances 2018-12 – 19 repealing inapplicable Lee County-only regulations as they have no application in Estero.  They continued Ordinances No. 2018-20 and 21 to the November 28 Council meeting.  (Ordinances)

Workshop Items

Land Development Code

Representatives of Clarion and Johnson Engineering gave an overview of the Land Development Code Assessment.

Gulfcoast Towne CenterThe first phase involved assessing the current Code.  This has been completed and the consultants presented their findings and were looking to obtain direction from Council before proceeding to the next step.

The consultants are reorganizing the Code to be a true Estero Code, transitioning from the Lee County Code.   They’ve established 4 major themes: 1) creating a user-friendly Code, 2) implementing the Comprehensive Plan, 3) restructuring, modernizing and tailoring the zone districts to implement the plan and 4) modernizing site development standards and ensuring consistency with the plan.

They reviewed a number of proposals including streamlining development review, creating higher density, walkable mixed use urban centers, adding better pedestrian/vehicle connections and considering standards and incentives for sustainable development.

Staff and Council will identify some of the major policy issues which need to be addressed for presentation at future workshops. (Presentation)

Estero Parkway Access Management Plan

The Estero Parkway consultant gave a presentation on their access management plan.

Estero Parkway